Ever considered building a Granny Flat?

Ever wondered or thought to yourself that your backyard space is too big? Perhaps you might think that the unused land could be of better use to you. Or maybe you are just tired of maintaining the large landscape. If subdividing is something you aren’t open to the idea of, have you ever considered building a granny flat?

Granny flats give you the opportunity to increase the value of your property and the added living flexibility and option of storage. They’re also a great way to get some peace and quiet when you have family visiting for the weekend or you need a break from your former children…who are now young adults (that are yet to leave the nest!).

Inspiring Homes knowledge and continuous learning provides customers complete investment fulfilment that is unique and inspiring. Working hand in hand with the best suppliers and building partners across Australia we provide our customers with the best incentives and benefits including reduced building costs, lower stamp-duty and fees to higher tax depreciation and more.

Custom, Luxury Granny Flats Sydney

Whatever your reasons for considering building a Granny Flat. Inspiring Homes has a wide range of products and services to make the entire process stress free. Regardless of how simple or luxurious you want to build; we keep a streamlined approach to the construction and keep you in the loop.

We use high-quality materials from partnered big-name Australian suppliers. This also means that when it comes to sourcing materials, you really are spoilt for choice as accessibility is never an issue. Our partnerships also provide access to competitive prices and savings on materials that ultimately save on costs for our clients.

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You may already have recently built a new home, or have made renovations to your home but have so much space in the backyard to do more.  If grass cutting is time consuming or the space is aggravating you why not build a granny flat.

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