Differences between Granny Flats and Studio Homes

The difference between the granny flats and studio homes is solely dependent on the specifics of the property. Here are some of the differences between granny flats and studio homes.


Studio Homes

Studio homes are single-room apartments that have multi-functional rooms. The kitchen, bedroom, and living room are combined into a single room, suitable for people who prefer to live and function alone. Studio homes are highly popular among youngsters that have recently moved out of their parent’s home and started living on their own. These flats are supposed to be self-contained living spaces where you have to manage everything in a single-room apartment.


Granny Flats

A granny flat is supposed to be a single dwelling that is built on the same land as the primary dwelling. One building cannot have two secondary dwellings. Therefore, you can build a granny flat and a studio home right next to each other.

Granny flats are a separate living arrangement for anyone who wishes to live or work alone. These flats are limited to 60 square metres. However, there are certain areas where you can request more space.  You can have a bedroom, bathroom, or even a kitchen in granny flats. This place is perfect for living if you don’t have too many people coexisting with you.



Investing in a Granny Flat

Granny flats are getting a lot more popular and Investing in one is a great option. You can have your own separate place on the outskirts of the city. This place is ideal for people who wish to spend their time alone without having to spend too much on their home. Moreover, you can have a property to your name.

However, certain risks are associated with building a granny flat. It might cost more than you actually hoped for, or you might end up paying more for property management. Very few people prefer to rent a granny flat, which is why it can be an increasing burden on you. However, all these risks can be mitigated.


Investing in a Studio Flat

If you have a limited budget, investing in a studio home is the way to go. They are affordable and easy to come by. Since it is a self-sufficient, multi-purpose flat, it tends to suffice for someone who wants to live alone and doesn’t need a lot of space.

Investing in a studio flat can be a great investment on your part as they offer an exceptional return on investment. You can easily find people to rent your studio home as more and more people are looking for an affordable place to stay. It is easily a golden opportunity for you to earn money every month.


The basic differences between granny flats and studio homes ultimately come down to the living conditions. You can have a separate kitchen in a granny flat, where you can cook and enjoy your meal. On the contrary, studios home are reserved to only one room, where you have to adjust all your chores simultaneously.