Located approximately 11km south of Sydney, Botany Bay is unique in a whole lot of ways. This glorious bayside suburb is home to early Australian history, beachside views, sunbaking, and luxury living. Among some of the most prestigious suburbs in Australia, a walk-through Botany would be self-explanatory as there is no shortage of small and large beach and modern style dwellings adorned by luxurious décor. Other beautiful traits of Botany Bay are its small village-like vibe which often treats residents to a sense of calmness and tranquillity usually associated with more regional coastal towns. In fact, the best way to sum up Botany Bay is by describing it as the inner-city coastal suburb that affords the luxury of the city as well as a quiet coastal town lifestyle.

What new home do you want to build in Botany Bay?

We don’t know where to begin with this one as this suburb is a home builders dream. Provided you have the capital, the sky is the limit here. There is a market for large custom luxury homes as well as small style homes like studio apartments and granny flats. Due to the appeal to wealthy professionals, beach lovers and retirees, Botany Bay is always going to have a market as it is the definition of prestige, status, and success.

Build your studio home right here

As a property owner, you have a broad range of options. If you need the money you can subdivide, custom build a house, granny flat or studio home and sell. If you prefer to keep the land but want to put it to use making you some extra income, you could privately rent on a similar arrangement. If you are in the market as a property developer, knockdown and rebuilds to replace with a multi-dwelling setup is an extremely viable option as well as constructing large luxurious homes and eco-friendly dwellings.

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