A beautiful and historic town, Camden is famous for its agriculture and educational institutions. Located approximately 65km south-west from Sydney, this quiet suburb is as close to a postcard Australian town as you can get with architecture that covers decades of history and style. To suit the green theme of the town, there are definitely many new eco-home building opportunities as well as luxury renovations and subdivision project options available in Camden.

Knock Down and rebuilds in Camden?

Camden is a little different to your conventional town or suburb when it comes to building and development. This is due to the many heritage-listed sites in the area which includes many business and residential structures. The preservation of the historical landmarks and culture of the town is very important to the residents and Australian history. This makes knockdown and rebuilds less likely to occur in Camden as heritage-listed properties must be maintained to their historical appearance, however nothing is impossible!

Sustainable homes

While some may see this as a hindrance to their property developing aspirations, many builders are keen to seize the opportunity by renovating the properties by working around the heritage specifications with the right council approvals to make your Camden home a lot more eco friendly and sustainable. This is by no means us saying that new structures will struggle to be approved for construction as there is no shortage of open spaces and land for new home building, granny flats or studio homes. What we are saying is, Camden has a rare opportunity for home-buyers to grab a piece of history and architecture that would otherwise be hard to come by and then we can assist making it a lot more eco friendly.

Granny Flat at the back?

Much like any older era properties around Australia, large backyards and blocks are something Camden is definitely not short on. This broadens the scope for a variety of building options. It really comes down to what you want and if you can get approval for it. There is a market for large eco and luxury homes as well as granny flats and new custom homes built on subdivided lots. Camden also has a unique opportunity for renovators who want to breathe new life into the heritage-listed homes. Modernizing interiors can add significant value to older style homes and can be made for better sustainability and luxury. If preservation and restoration of the older interior style is the look you crave, Camden is the place to invest your time and money. Contact us today!

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