This vibrant inner-city suburb is home to early Australian history and landmarks. Situated 9km North of the Sydney Central business district, Lane Cove is definitely an appealing place to reside for professionals. It is a culturally diverse suburb which only further adds to the appeal of Lane Cove as there is always arts and festivals within the area. The landscape is covered in beautiful green parks and playgrounds that invites guests to venture to the many bicycle tracks and bushland hikes. Alongside the national parks and encouragement of sports and exercise, Lane Cove brings the best of both worlds with its fine dining, cafes and all the luxuries of the inner-city.

Eco Friendly & Sustainable Home Builders

Like with many green suburbs, it’s only natural to want to do your part for the environment and community. Eco friendly homes are on the rise in this area and along with this style of home come the benefits. This can be in the form of small studio homes to large luxurious new homes and renovations. Much like most inner-city locations in Australia, there is a huge demand for affordable rental properties as places like Lane Cove appeal to younger professionals drawn to the lifestyle afforded by arts and culture meeting the glory of nature. This demand is usually sated by the development of multi-dwelling custom homes.

Things To Consider For Your Custom Home

Depending on the location within Lane Cove, property developers and new home builders have many options. Some areas of this beautiful suburb showcase stunning views with a price tag to match. This is usually where you would find that new custom home builders are likely to build new luxury homes or strata high-rise apartment blocks. Toward the town centre right next to all the essential amenities and reliable public transport you will find a greater demand for smaller dwellings like new studio homes, granny flats and knockdown and rebuilds of new custom homes. Either way, it’s hard to go wrong as Lane Cove is a suburb that renters can afford to live, and home-buyers would love to own a piece of it.

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