Parramatta, or “Parra” as it’s affectionately known, is one of Sydney’s most liveable suburbs. This charming outer suburb is fast becoming a second city: an incredibly convenient location to live, work and raise a family. Home to endless amenities and a thriving cultural scene, Parramatta is easily one of Australia’s fastest growing suburbs, and a true gem for investors looking to capitalise on its growth.

Why choose our custom home builders in Parramatta?

Inspiring Homes is a new home builder with an eye for stunning, sustainable design. If you have been thinking about subdividing, building strata apartments, studio flats, a multi-dwelling property or knockdown and sale, we have you covered with a winning design ethos. We believe in building homes that whilst luxurious are made with sustainable materials. What’s more, our sustainable builds don’t carry the same hefty price tag that has been attributed to sustainable home builders in the past. We have capitalised on investment in the green building sector and are able to make your grand, sustainable vision without the added costs – it’s a dream for eco-conscious property investors!

We believe in luxury home builds

The Inspiring Homes team of architects and builders have been perfecting their craft for many years, and now we proudly put it towards the winning Inspiring Homes name. We see your Parramatta property as a blank canvas: a place where you can build your dream investment and reap its ultimate rewards. We work closely alongside property owners to develop properties that exceed their expectations and are met with keen interest from buyers/renters. Portfolio growth is one of the most lucrative and safest property options you can make, especially in a thriving suburb like Parra. We will ensure that our build coincides with the suburb’s boom, creating a property that people want to move to and cannot wait to get the keys!

Knock down & rebuilds in Parramatta

So, why sit on one Parramatta property when you could turn it into two, three or (maybe) four stylish homes? Whether it’s a granny flat, studio, multi-dwelling or something completely different, the Inspiring Homes team believes in taking a large property and turning it into something economically amazing.

If you’ve been looking for a skilled, experienced team with an eye for luxury design, Inspiring Homes is the team you need. We will turn your property into a true money-maker: a stylish, liveable dwelling that encapsulates the growth of the great Parramatta.

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