A working-class suburb south of Sydney, Riverwood has a little bit of everything. A great place to raise a family, close to the city and with plenty of green public spaces. Riverwood is another suburb going through the process of gentrification. Investors are capitalising on the contemporary approach to housing as strata style living grows in popularity within the region. This is partially due to a variety of reasons but is mainly due to accessibility to the city.

Seize the opportunity in Riverwood

There is a large influx of young professionals as well as entertainment venues and facilities to match this growing demographic. This naturally gives property investors more opportunity to increase the value of their real estate as the market opens for subdivision projects, studio homes, apartments and granny flats. These options really come down to what your budget, long and short-term aspirations are in the arena.

There’s a high home building demand in Riverwood

Don’t be surprised if you notice frequent knock down and rebuild projects in the area. As always, there is still a market for people who prefer a custom-built large home in Riverwood. This is especially true due to the affordability of land purchases and custom home building. But if you don’t plan on building your dream home to live in, you could always consider multiple dwellings or taking advantage of the demand for rental homes by building a granny flat or studio home in your backyard.

Knockdown rebuilds, studio apartments and granny flats in Riverwood

The main takeaway from everything in Riverwood’s real estate scene is there’s a variety of options and opportunity for everyone to get amongst the action. If you are on a budget, granny flats and studio homes are a wonderful addition to increasing the value of your property. They also allow you to enter the rental market in an affordable way. Studio apartments are often made by converting existing structures like bungalows and large garages into impressive living spaces. Due to the nature of the market, property developers can get creative with their ideas and build custom and luxurious dwellings to suit any situation. However, you are looking for your new dream home; custom knockdown and rebuild options are where it all begins. Speak to us today about what dream Inspiring Homes can build for you.

What are my options?

Speak to us today to discuss what your options are in Riverwood. We would love to help you make the most of the growing real estate opportunities in this fast expanding suburb. We specialise in the construction of a variety of custom style dwellings and designs. Whether it’s a granny flat, studio home or a custom luxury project, Inspiring homes is your one stop shop for all things construction. Our streamlined approach will present you with what your options are whilst providing you the information you need to make informed decisions on maximising the best possible outcome!

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