Located in the southern part of Sydney, Sylvania is considered one of the best suburbs in the Sutherland Shire district. This is due to the abundance of shopping, entertainment venues and facilities. Public transport is also frequent and efficient as it is part of Sydney’s metropolitan transport hub. This provides fantastic accessibility to neighbouring suburbs, events and the beautiful Georges River.

What’s happening in Sylvania’s home builders scene?

Much like any metropolitan suburb in Australia, there is a large influx of property development in the area. Properties that were developed before the current contemporary development boom are affixed with large beautiful houses that stand out in the neighbourhood. Despite this, as the desire for a large house and backyard era fades; to meet the demands of contemporary metropolitan culture, property developers are seizing the opportunity to knock down and rebuild in Sylvania to capitalise on the demand for smaller housing options.  This isn’t to say that large luxurious homes are not desirable in Sylvania. There is still a strong market for new large custom dwellings and renovations for those with the budget to afford and live in these types of dwellings.

Sylvania’s response to its growing popularity

As you would expect, all this focus on catering to the growing population of Sylvania has resulted in a focus on constructing multi-dwelling properties, strata apartment buildings, subdivision and sale, granny flats and studio apartments. These styles of housing are complemented by the fantastic access to amenities, culture and transport in the surrounding region. Naturally, you might be thinking about how you can capitalise on the current surge in interest in Sylvania and making the most of what you already have.

Knockdown and rebuilds and subdivision projects in Sylvania

Why have one when you can have two…or three…FOUR! Four might be a bit of a stretch if we are honest but you get the idea. Knockdown and rebuild projects are a fantastic way to up the value of your property and is something that property developers know all too well. There’s a reason people make a career of it; it simply pays off. So, if you are thinking about subdividing your land to sell to make profit give us a call to discuss organising an assessment to identify what your options are.

As is typical with a suburb going through the process of gentrification; knockdown, subdivide and rebuild projects become the new norm as the market for small, low maintenance and affordable housing rises in demand in Sylvania. This doesn’t mean they can’t still be luxury custom builds! Speak to us today for all your granny flat, multi-dwelling, studio home and knockdown and rebuild ideas and aspirations!

Where we come in!

Inspiring Homes has been in the business of Sydney’s housing development since 2019. We are a reputable new, custom and luxury home builder with broad specialised experience in the industry. If you are planning on developing property in Sylvania, contact us today!

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