How to maximise your return by developing a Dual Occupancy

Dual Occupancy Homes

Is your home too big or too small for you? Or perhaps you have too much outdoor space? Did you know you can change the size of your home and size of your space by having one or more separate properties on the same block of land. Avoid the hassle of finding a new property and location, by building a dual occupancy home on your land.


What are Dual occupancy Homes?

Dual has its underlying meaning that is, “consisting of two parts, elements, or aspects” In other words your land can consist of building and or connecting more than one home either together, on top of each other or even separately on your land. With great flexibility however dual occupancy homes do require a certain size block for approval.  

What are the benefits?

How’s earning extra income sound to you while you’re still living in your own home? Well building a dual occupancy home will ensure you not only build your dream home but also earn income while you’re still living in it too. Talk about financial stability!! Perhaps you would like your children, relatives or other family members to live close to you. With a dual occupancy home this is possible. 

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