Outdoor Kitchens

Is your indoor kitchen too small? Are you yearning to make your favorite dishes but the smell and splashes of oil deter the thought of cooking? Is your Indoor kitchen too high maintenance? Or perhaps you prefer moving indoor gatherings to outdoor gatherings to keep the inside of your home clean?  Whether you have a small or large space outside, Inspiring homes can create your perfect and functional outdoor space with an outdoor kitchen.


By observing your area outside we can work with you to create your perfect kitchen space.

Don’t let the size of your outdoor area cause you to fear away from having an outdoor kitchen. If you’re not sure where to place the kitchen we can plan and work with you compiling up ideas on where to best place your kitchen. Always taking in consideration how your outdoor area will flow with your indoor area to make the whole look compliment each other so perfectly.


But for us to make it perfect, first we need to understand the purpose and use for your outdoor kitchen space. To make it practical and functional for its sole purpose there will be much to consider such things like size, material, height of cabinets, type of bench top, sinks, installation of electricity and appliances. It’s also important to know where the kitchen will be placed for weather conditions. Perhaps you will need blinds or shutters for cover, or if you install a fire pit you will also need to think about ways to prevent hazards. And if you want a kitchen that enforces low maintenance we can work with you to create a kitchen that does just that. Also if you’re after an outdoor kitchen that is suitable for all year, we can plan for that too.


To create your perfect outdoor kitchen space contact the team at Inspiring Homes Pty Ltd for more information.