Project Home Builders vs Custom Home Builders

So what’s your choice? Did you know that there are different types of home builders? It’s daunting enough choosing the right building company that’s right for you, but if you choose the right type of home builder the process will be easier than you think? What should you be paying attention to when you make that decision?

So what is the difference between the two? And What are the pros and cons?

Say you’ve decided to go visit some display homes and also contacted other home builders for a quote. One surely made you frown. But you are still confused about the reasoning behind the difference in price.

To clarify to you: Project Home Builders are usually large companies that construct about hundreds of homes each year and they finish the build in a short period of time. Yes they sure sound like the ideal builders to choose, However, just like what you see in display homes and or by flicking through their catalogue of designs, that is exactly what you will be walking into as your new home. They may provide you with a few additional features as addons but that may cost you extra. If you also decide to change more of the home and maybe don’t completely want what they have provided for you in their catalogue and or display home, that will definitely cost you extra.

On the other hand let’s say you have contacted a home builder and you have answered their questions directing towards your needs and wants about the build. These builders also walk you through different homes that they have built to give you an idea of not just their work quality and their process of construction but also an idea of what kind of home suits you. These builders will not only spend endless hours and time to assist you in meeting your home goal but will also direct you to suppliers to assist you in choosing the different designs and fixtures for your home. Quality to these builders is of utmost importance. These types of builders take on a handful of projects per year to dedicate their full time and energy to achieving your construction goals. This is what Custom Home Builders do.

See what is an ideal preference for you financially and objectively before you make your choice. Your needs are what matters.

Inspiring Homes is a custom home builder. Choose us and we will work with you efficiently to ensure we build your inspiring home.