Studio homes help to capitalise on the rental market on a budget

The appeal of smaller dwellings in the metropolitan suburbs of Sydney has become increasingly popular, especially for students, minimalists and young professionals. To keep up with demand, landowners are looking for creative and innovative ways to maximise the value of their land and capitalise on the rental market on a budget. Studio homes are perfect due to the flexibility they provide landowners. Similarly to granny flats, but on a smaller scale, they give you the option to use it for storage, for family or to earn an income on the rental market.

Did you know studios are also another good source of investment. Perhaps you would like to increase your income or maybe build a studio for family or friends to live in for time of support.

It’s easier than you think!

Due to the scale of construction by comparison to other options, this style of structure is typically cheaper to build and maintain with endless possibilities for customisation. You can redesign the interior in a matter of days. This is in fact, how a lot of studio homes come to be in Sydney. If the structural integrity of your large garage, sophisticated shed or bungalow is in good enough condition to guarantee the work, you could even consider converting the structure to a studio home!

Inspiring Homes knowledge and continuous learning provides customers complete investment fulfilment that is unique and inspiring. Working hand in hand with the best suppliers and building partners across Australia we provide our customers with the best incentives and benefits including reduced building costs, lower stamp-duty and fees to higher tax depreciation and more.

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