This is why many building companies don’t want you on-site when they are working

Having your home built from scratch can be an overwhelming yet exciting experience. You’re investing a significant amount of money in it, and want to be on-site every day. However, you’d be surprised to know that your builder might not want you to be on-site when building your home.


Reasons why builders might not want you on-site

Many builders may get distracted by clients on-site! This is not because they are unprofessional, but they know the entire property construction process. Too much involvement of yours can make the builder annoyed. With always having you breathe down their neck and pointing out or asking questions, the builders can make mistakes, which can slow down the construction process. You would not also like it if your boss was on your head all the time, so that’s how builders will feel.

They see you as an under-dog

Builders see you as an underdog and don’t want you on-site as you don’t have the expertise and experience that they have. They know precisely the amount of resources and materials needed to build your home. Hence, if you interfere, it’ll just slow down things.

Continuously making changes every time you come on-site can also make the builder not want you more there. They know that as a client, you’ve never entirely made up your mind. They respect you, nod and smile but don’t follow everything you suggest.

Interfering in their work

Suppose you hire a builder through a company that already has a team of architects, designers, engineers, real estate agents and contractors, and you bring in your designers and contractors. In that case, the builder will feel violated and agitated. They will not entertain their ideas and push you out the door.

Builders know you have been running your numbers since day one and you will, of course, have specifics in mind. However, interfering in their day to day work can slow down the decision-making process. There will be times when you don’t agree with certain materials or structures or feel like the builder is cutting corners using different materials and lagging.

Sometimes, they will suggest overpriced options, trying to make you spend extra money and them pocketing profits. If you say no, they might become annoyed and push you into buying options. Therefore, always go with your agent, who will back you up.


Surprise visits

Frequently checking up on your property for progress and updates is something builders do not like. Hence, calling them beforehand gives them time to work but you must do surprise check-ups.

As an investor in your property, you need to see where your money is being invested and used. Therefore, you will need to do an inspection, even though your builder will never suggest one you must talk to your real estate agent to book a home inspection tour. Usually, builders are not keen on this as they do not want the nitty-gritty details pointed out by you.


Overcoming the problem

The best way to overcome this would be through researching a builder that fits you well, find someone that has the best reputation with clients, is flexible and gives you practical advice.