Project Managers

So you may have gathered a sports team and led them to the grand final, or you may have been a leader in some other role and involved yourself with many emotions and experiences and correcting and improving their performances to get better results. Well a project manager is also responsible for all that but to get a house or any construction site done and completed correctly, on time and on budget and overcome any challenges in the process.

Although being a project manager interests many of those that like delegating and have the leadership skills but it also comes with the stresses. That’s why you need to consider choosing a really good project manager to get your job done on time on budget and the right way to achieve the right outcome following the project specifications. Read on further for more information. 

I have to say, whether you have been a project manager for 10 years or more it never gets easier. Remember a project manager is responsible for time, budget, quality, the scopes of works and the pressure involved from all stakeholders. 

However to limit the stress of being a project manager you must have the right team along with you, and recognise problems and take action in the first instance. If you also lack detailed planning, lack organisation, ignore the budget you’ll definitely lack a successfully completed project. Therefore, the people and the processes and communication involved in project management must be clear and concise to attribute to a successful project. 

Furthermore, Project managers need to limit the misunderstandings, misinterpretations and miscommunications when delegating tasks and communicating instructions. An important thing to always reflect on and go back to is the scope of work for the project and any changes should be communicated across the whole team involved and taking accountability for any actions. Having a good management tool for example management software can also help with this. 

There are avenues to assist in growing effectively and efficiently as a project manager and keeping up with the industry standards and that is through undergoing qualifications. So if you can manage, motivate the team, create an agreeable plan in great detail and cope with many challenges and  understand different types of personalities then your person for the job. 

To all project managers; past and present we thank you for all your hard work.