Trade: Plasterer

After a fresh feel to your room? or does an area in your home need repair after some damages and or do you feel like your home needs some major uplift and brought back to life? Whether it’s the ceiling or the walls a plasterer can transform your area by using just that, plaster!  


For more information, a plasterer provides protection to walls and ceilings from moisture, weather elements and general wear and tear. Basically plaster acts like a shield against water to prevent or reduce mould, mildew growth and damage to building materials. 


So the steps undergone by a plasterer is first preparing the surface, cleaning the area, mixing the plaster then applying the plaster to the surface by using either trowels, brushes or spray equipment to spread the plaster. A lot of detail is involved at this stage when applying the plaster to ensure a perfect and smooth finish. The last stage is texturing. It depends what the customer is after so each technique used is different to achieve the aesthetic requirements of the project. 


If you ever witness cracks or holes on your walls or ceilings, well plasterers also repair that too by firstly removing the damaged plaster and replacing it with a new one and applying appropriate technique and finishes to blend in with the rest of the area.


Keep in mind that there are different types of plasterers that specialise in specific aspects of the plastering trade. In short they are solid plasterers, Drywall finisher, Ornamental Plasterer and Venetian Plasterer.


A Plasterer is a skilful job as they need to level, smooth and shape plaster to achieve a perfect and even surface. Depending on the job requirements, some plasterers will need to incorporate decorative elements into the work. 

To all our plasterers past and present, we thank you for your service and hard work.