Trade: Tiler

You’d think choosing tiles for your kitchen, bathroom or laundry would be a difficult task, because we all know once you choose that colour everything else around it has to compliment it, unless you change your mind then well that’s a whole different story. But an even more difficult task would be tiling the floors and walls. So let’s talk about our skilful and in demand tilers, and how much they play a unique and vital role in the construction industry. Not only that lets think about the times when tiles have cracked during construction and how that would make our tilers feel. 


So what do our tilers do? A Tiler uses glue, grout and cement to lay ceramic, slate, marble and glass tiles either on the floors and or walls of kitchens, bathrooms, laundry’s, shops and restaurants. Tools such as tile-cutting tools and shape tiles are used to fill small edges or make specific or custom patterns requested by the customer. 


The things our tilers use and place on our floors and walls are tiles which are a thin plate of irregular shape made from fired clay, moulded concrete, ceramics or natural material, or a similar material. Placing tiles on the floors or walls can make the surface and area look more functional and nicer. 

Of course you’d have to have a licence before you undertake any residential building work. To be tiler in Australia you need to complete the vocational training program consisting of an apprenticeship and hands-on instruction. 


An important note to remember is that tilers can also deal with waterproofing. I mean you would want to make sure you get a tiler that knows how to deal with water leaks before tiling the surface. Otherwise you will be finding yourself in a sinking problem and a costly one too. 


 To all our Tilers; past and present we thank you for all your hard work.