Building designing, approvals, complying development & development applications

We know now that building a home from scratch, the foundation of the home is critical but organising for home developments, extensions, construction and or home refurbishments is also critical and requires a lot of time, resources and information.


Like snakes and ladders we roll the dice to see where the numbers of the dice will lead us up the ladder. We may have hiccups on the way but it is that constant rolling of the dice that persuades us to keep going or change course/s. With construction comes the essence of design and construction approvals but the lead up to your home being built and or renovated and processes and avenues and the calls that you make will decide how far you can go up the scale. One of the biggest attributes to this is council rules and land size.


The process may sound too overwhelming and every council is different, but with years of experience dealing with councils we can make certain the potential of your home and your goals are achieved. Inspiring Homes can assist you with your development applications for home developments. Inspiring homes can shed light on the hidden potential/s of your land which can be much more profitable for you by communicating to you all the options and rules applied to your land.


Inspiring homes can answer all your questions and assist you in regards to requirements of town planners, DA approvals, process of how to begin the development, the development potential of your land, council questions and or work that needs approval but is not authorised to conduct. We can also assist with construction certificates, occupation certificates, complying development certificates and building certificates.

Furthermore, Inspiring Homes can also assist you with complying with DA conditions, government regulations and rules by: Preparation and lodgement of DAs and s.4.55 modifications, Arranging documents, surveys, town planning and other consultants reports, Completing application forms, Certification, Construction Certificates (CC), Occupation Certificates (OC), Compliant Development Certificates (CDC) and Building Certificates.


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