Eco Friendly and Sustainable Homes are in Demand Right Now

As developing countries gain access to more energy, home electronics become popular, and new buildings start to spring up in the neighbourhood, we can clearly tell that the world is evolving.

However, buildings and the construction industry have started to use more energy. Together, they are responsible for 36% of global energy consumption. Direct and indirect CO2 emissions from these industries also add up to 40%. However, this is not just a problem for developing countries. Even in developed markets, approximately 75% of buildings are considered to be energy inefficient.

Below you will find some benefits of eco-friendly and sustainable homes and how you can play your part in ensuring that the earth is a brighter place for future generations.

Maintenance and Operation Cost is Low

Eco friendly and sustainable homes use construction features to ensure that resources, such as water and energy, are used smartly. Think about green homes that use a task lighting strategy and loads of daylight. They ensure that the power they use in lighting systems is lowered significantly. Through this, residents save one-third on their water and energy bills.

Maintenance and operation can make up 80% of the costs of a building in a lifetime. By lowering costs, building owners who collect rent can increase their revenue margins as well. There is no denying that green homes cost more than their counterparts, but the benefits are unlimited. The money spent will be less than the money saved in the future, making green homes the winning solution.


Energy Efficient

The goal of green homes is to lower the dependency on energy driven from non-renewable sources like coal. Designers usually use solar panels on homes and ensure that the windows allow natural light to pour into rooms whenever the sun is out. This helps lower reliance on electricity and the use of artificial lights.

Learning to be energy efficient does not only benefit individual people and organisations. In fact, it is a step forward for the whole world as resources, including non-renewable energy sources, are rare, limited, expensive, and they continue to destroy the environment we live in.


Better Environment Quality Indoors

To determine the environment quality indoors, we need to determine the conditions of the office and how occupants and residents feel indoors. Lighting, thermal conditions, and air quality need to be kept in mind. Eco-friendly and sustainable homes ensure that the health of residents does not suffer as they remain stress-free, productive, and their quality of life improves.

Green buildings usually ensure that operable windows are installed so that natural sunlight can pour in, lowering the use of any component that harms health.



More Efficient Water Consumption

The idea behind water efficiency is to use water resources in a way that helps conserve water so that our future generations do not face a shortage of clean water.

Eco-friendly homes ensure this by making use of alternate sources of water, including rainwater that is collected and purified. Moreover, water is not wasted as efficient plumbing fixtures are installed. Moreover, shared water resources are diligently administered so that water can be purified and recycled on a timely basis.


Superior Health

Individuals who reside in eco-friendly homes have more superior health than those who do not because those homes are built with safe construction materials.

Construction companies working for eco-friendly homes do not make use of any plastic by-product that may be responsible for releasing toxic materials. Did you know that some harmful substances, such as carcinogens, make breathing difficult and can harm children and pets as well? These increase the risk of getting cancer in the future.


Higher Property Value

If you make your home green by making a couple of changes, you can ensure that your property has a higher value. This allows you to get more revenue while walk away from your old home, knowing that you made a lifetime of a difference. Of course, making your home green requires significant changes and renovations. You need a bit of investment to get you through this process, but we assure you that the end results will be brilliant.

If you’re looking to work under a budget, don’t be discouraged- there are still a couple of steps you could take to ensure a green home. You can opt for double glazed windows that promise higher-quality insulation so that cool air from inside your home does not leak outdoors during the summers when the air conditioner is on, and cold air from outside does not enter your warmed home during the winters. This will help conserve energy, as well as cut down on bills.


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

If you’re looking for a reason to switch to green homes, consider the fact that climate change is real. If you want to ensure that your children and future generations have a brighter future and a clean environment to live in, you must start by taking small steps in the correct direction by reducing waste and using resources efficiently. Don’t think that you don’t make a difference- the truth is that little drops make a mighty ocean.

Eco-friendly and sustainable homes are more attainable today than they ever were in the future. With the rising awareness of how our planet is suffering and how real climate change is, we believe that you can easily play your role and ensure a greener world. Even if you do not have enough investment, you can start with little renovations. We assure you that the benefits of eco-friendly and sustainable homes are endless. Prepare to be amazed!