Trade: Carpenters

Let’s talk about our wonderful carpenters and how much they play a vital role in the construction industry. 


A common career choice we hear of and A skilled trade that involves getting a qualification. So why is that the case? And what are the perks of being a carpenter? But before we get into that let’s get an understanding about what a carpenter is and what is involved in their everyday work. 


Carpenters build and install the wooden and metal structures and fixtures of residential or commercial buildings. They also finish and repair wooden structures such as foundations, walls, roofs, windows and doors. So pretty much they build or repair cabinets, doors, frameworks, floors, or other wooden structures in buildings, usings woodworking machines, hand tools, or power tools. 


Being a carpenter comes with many job opportunities and consistently being physically active. For instance building and working on stairs, roof, decks and framing for residential buildings. Installing flooring, ceiling and windows for commercial buildings. In the industrial industry carpenters construct the scaffolding for infrastructure, roads, manufacturing plans and tunnels. You can also be known as a joiner who crafts timber products like cabinets, windows and doors in workshops. Or become involved in woodworking so building, fixing and maintaining timber products like furniture or antiques by shaping wood and adding varnishes.  


Becoming a carpenter your options in the construction industry become endless and your skills become vast. Making you in demand. 


To all our carpenters; past and present we thank you for all your hard work.