Tradie: Bricklayers

Let’s talk about our wonderful bricklayers AKA Brickie’s, and how much they play a unique and vital role in the construction industry.


Have you ever stacked blocks as a child or played with legos or even helped your child create an object using legos? Well as children or even adults, they say that playing with legos improves hand/eye coordination, assists in the development of spatial skills and patience, improves our fine motor skills and helps us learn how to play in teams and problem solve. Now of course it’s not exactly what bricklayers do on the construction site but it can lead into the interest of understanding of bricklaying and or becoming a bricklayer. After all, bricklayers do create objects but using actual bricks.

 More specifically, bricklayers lay a combination of stones, cinder blocks and bricks in construction to build walls or other objects either on new building sites, extension or for renovations of a building site.


You’ll notice that the term masonry is also linked to bricklaying and that depends on the skill level of the bricklayer. There is an entry level bricklayer and a specialist bricklayer known as a true mason. 


There are so many advantages to becoming a bricklayer. Well take a look around you; many of the world’s significant architectural achievements were built by bricklayers/masonaries. If you become a brickie you know that the material you’re working with is created from nature and is resistant to fire, earthquakes and sound. The material can also be designed to be cost efficient. There is no expiry date on becoming a bricklayer in other words you wont be replaced by machines. Masonry buildings have been known to last for hundreds of years.  


If you chose a career in bricklaying you know that you will be part of creating strong standing and long lasting houses. And that is incredible.


To all our bricklayers; past and present we thank you for all your hard work.