Trade: Electricians

Let’s talk about our skilful Electricians AKA “Sparkys”, and how much they play a unique and vital role in the construction industry.

Is the power on? Do we have Electricity in the house? Is the cable chipped? How are we going to get the power working without getting electrocuted? These are the common questions asked by your family members about the power of your home. We all know who can help with all these problems and surely keep us safe from electrocution. It’s our wonderful electricians.  

So who are electricians and what do they do? An electrician is a tradesperson who is very skilled because they plan, install and fix the wires spread throughout our homes, offices, machinery and transmission lines. Electricians are involved in the day to day construction work of installing wires into new homes, factories and businesses, and also fixing or upgrading the existing electrical cables and wires and system to that of the old one/s. Due to the risk associated with the job, all electricians are under heavy regulations and they must have a license to carry out electrical work. Well there are six different types of electricians in Australia. Industrial electricians, residential electricians, commercial electricians, emergency electricians, Level 2 electricians and lastly appliance electricians. 

Sparkys must ensure they follow their local and state electrical regulations and that all work is controlled safely and is up to standard. 

So when you think of electricians, think of having accessibility to your lights, televisions, appliances and equipment at home. So without the skills of our electricians we wouldn’t have accessibility to these things. 

To all our electricians; past and present we thank you for all your hard work.