Trade: Heavy Equipment Operators

Let’s talk about our wonderful heavy equipment operators and how much they play a vital role in the construction industry. 


When the heavy equipment operators are called, we get excited because it is part of the beginning stage of any schedule for knock down and rebuilds in most cases. In other words the time for demolition or the movement of heavy material. Just like many watching on, we enjoy this stage not only because the physical side of the project is starting but also because we are in the process of removing the old structure and creating a new foundation or extras for our customers. 


Heavy equipment operators drive or control equipment used in engineering and or in our case construction projects. So basically to move dirt, material and equipment. The heavy equipment used on job sites include bulldozers, backhoes, forklifts, dump trucks, cargo trucks and cranes, excavators and loader operators and mixer trucks.


Depending on the type of machine our equipment operators use in construction, some of them require a licence to operate them. Despite this, having the know-how of operating and understanding these machines is very important for the safety of all. Knowing how to handle and maintain heavy equipment vehicles is also very important.


To all our heavy equipment operators; past and present we thank you for all your hard work