Trade: Labourer

Let’s talk about our wonderful labourers and how much they play a vital role in the schedule and efficiency of the construction industry. 


The term may not be so commonly outspoken or heard of, but the impact that our labourers play in the construction industry is very important and so are they. Any builder can vouch for it. So what do our labourers perform?


A labourer requires a lot of physical strength and fitness as they perform a lot of manual work such as ground working, concreting and bricklaying, tidying up the job sites, removal of excess material on the job sites and so much more handyman tasks. Labourers are also builders helpers on site, whether it is to remove material and equipment or put together material and equipment, assisting with scaffolding or demolishing homes, levelling the ground, digging trenches and laying pipes or cables, they are always there to help get the job done. The quicker their help is utilised the quicker it is for the next tradie to do their job and in effect get the job to completion. 


Of Course a college or TAfe degree is necessary to become a qualified labourer, but if you want to become a general labourer you don’t require formal education. Usually on the job training qualifies you to become a labourer. 


To all our labourers; past and present we thank you for all your hard work.