What’s Your Extra Space For? A Study Or A Home Office!

Are you in the process of renovating your home? Has the impact of COVID changed your work life and the way you undertake your studies? Are you transitioning from work office to home office? Do you have the right space to utilise for your work/study stationary? Or do you bring your work home but don’t have the right space?

Not only has there been a major increase in the flexibility of working from home but the impact of COVID has pushed for a more work from home lifestyle. Why not make this transition easy for you with a few of our recommended ideas:


If you don’t have the finance to renovate for a space why not create a space that you can utilise for your office or study. Perhaps this is under your staircase or even in your hallway.


There are so many different styles and ideas to choose from such as compact, modern, traditional, industrial and much more. Perhaps instead of thinking too hard on changing the style of that one room, you can always blend it with the original style of your home.


Don’t over think the change and the process of creating that study and work space in your home. The size should not matter. There are only a few simple elements of creating that comfortable and functional space to assist you in the creation of your best work.


Whichever option you take, Inspiring Homes Pty Ltd can make that happen and transform your space into an inspiring space. Contact us now for more information.